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The APIO - Portuguese Association of Industry Goldsmith, is an association of national scope, headquartered in Lisbon, and founded in 1941.
It is a private non-profit organization that has as main objective the protection and promotion of activities in the field of jewelry that represents and, in particular, his associates, nationally and internationally.
To achieve this objective the APIO:

• Promotes the development of activities and services, in particular, to promote trade and investment, certification, information and technical support.
• Promotes training and vocational education and higher education.
• Protects the legitimate rights and interests of the entities it represents, with the central and local.
• Collaborates with the public administration bodies with similar national and foreign, as well as other organizations that promote the development of jewelery in Portugal and abroad.
• Organize and keep up the register of the associated entities and other elements necessary or convenient to the existence and purpose of APIO.
• Combat by lawful means at its disposal, all forms of unfair competition and represented the activity in violation of legal provisions and regulations.
• Creates and promotes the creation of organizations or services of common interest.
• Celebrate collective agreements.


Promoting the jewelry made in Portugal through representation, advocacy and the needs of members.

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